Gilbert Arizona Childrens Photographer

These are from a "service exchange" that we did at church. 

In exchange I got a hand delivered diet coke on a cleaning like a mad woman-not leaving the house kind of day.

Totally worth it.

Anyway...when we got to the shoot my camera malfunctioned.  Never happened to me before.

Luckily I have my very first old reliable all ready to go at all times in my kitchen cabinet.

So Joey raced it to me just in time to take advantage of the perfect light of sunset.

And it was a good reminder of how much I hate that old camera and how far I've come.

My disc burner also malfunctioned just tonight after a 2 year old mistook it for a vending machine.

Why spread the unprofessionalism across multiple clients?  Pile it on.

Thanks for your patience Lindsay!