B family kiddos

I love the mother of these children. She reminds me of my sister in law. She is witty and sarcastic and just hilarious. I had so much fun with these cute kids.

(I was telling her to do something completely different, but she saw her brother do it and she liked it. So cute!)

This one did not want to sleep, but look at those gorgeous eyes!

P.S. I was talking about you Kelly...I love you.


Halloween Portrait Special

I was hoping to get these pictures out before Halloween. After a few mishaps earlier this week with the printing company, I thought it was cleared up and continued my relationship with the company. Well I didn't get the pictures today after paying for next day air early yesterday morning. So I emailed the company again and explained my situation. I finally got an email back saying that they would ship today and I would receive them tomorrow. And then they thanked me for being a valued customer. Haha...

But look how cute...(and scary, Claire) these little trick or treaters are!


Halloween Portrait Special + a freebie

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Peek-A-Boo Preschool

To enroll your child in Miss Sarah's preschool next year, contact me and I will give you her number. She is super patient and fun. I know because she is one of my best friends and we used to live together. I could tell some funny stories about this one. (All preschool appropriate of course.)